An Advanced Life Support Box (or ALSB) can be used to stabilize and maintain a dying character[1] for an extended period of time. The ALSB does not place the patient into stasis, but rather sends regular, modulated pulses of energy through the patient's nervous system to maintain it's functions despite bodily injuries.[2][3]

As with body-jump boxes, ALSBs can range from small, portable field units to large chambers found in hospitals. Unlike a BJB, using an ALSB does not run the risk of destroying the body.

A portable ALSB costs slightly less than a body-jump box at 15,000 credits, and has a mass of 5 kg.

Notes and References Edit

  1. One at 0 STA or less but not yet at the -31 STA threshold of irretrievable death.
  2. Similar to the function of a pacemaker, but involving more organs (brain, lungs, etc).
  3. GM's discretion. Presumes that the nature of the injuries does not involve sufficient tissue damage so as to render the device pointless (examples: massive head trauma/decapitation, or an injury sufficient to destroy the heart physically).
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