The Alliance for the Rights of the People (ARP) is a political organization professing to advocate on behalf of upholding the rights of the citizens of the Frontier. The ARP has recently begun a campaign to limit the authority of Star Law and other law-enforcement agencies. This campaign includes holo-vid advertisements portraying law enforcement agents as looming shadows that are always waiting for the average citizen to slip up.

The ARP believes that the practice of maintaining penal colonies (currently located on asteroids and inhospitable moons) is cruel and that criminals should be kept planet-side within the influence of civilization.

ARP has been the leading organization defending Rim immigrants who wish to live in UPF space against those who want them deported.

The ARP has its headquarters on Laco. It sometimes allies itself with the Frontier Peace Organization.

There are rumors that ARP receives funding for its operations from the Sathar via a complicated financial network. However to date no such link has been established.

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