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Allweather Blanket 01.jpg

An Allweather Blanket is a 3x3m[1] layered blanket with a layer of soft pseudowool on one side backed by a layer of waterproof plastic. The blanket will keep a character warm in freezing temperatures down to 0° Celsius.[2]

It is extremely lightweight, providing negligible encumbrance when carried.

Its light weight, low cost (20 cr), and extreme usefulness make it a standard part of most emergency survival kits.

The blankets found in survival kits are brightly colored for high visibility, but commercial ones are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, including a multitude of camouflage prints.

Other Uses[]

Due to its impermeability, the blanket can be used to carry water.

If used to line a pit in the desert with plastic side up, it will collect one liter of dew overnight, depending on local humidity.

Due to its sheer size, it can be used as a tent, if appropriate support can be obtained.

Notes & References[]

  1. Approximately 10' x 10'.
  2. 32° Fahrenheit