Anti-shock implant placement (Yazirian)

An Anti-Shock Implant, also known as an A-S Implant, is a small device that can be implanted in the back of a character's neck, making the character immune to stun attacks.[1] A-S implants must be installed at a hospital.[2][3]

An A-S Implant costs 2,000 Cr, including installation.

A robot may be equipped with a surge protector that is functionally identical to an A-S Implant. The cost of this device is 2,200.[4]

Notes & References[edit | edit source]

  1. Such as from Electric Shock Weapons and from Sonic Stunners.
  2. Or hospital-grade facility.
  3. Though an out-patient procedure, it requires a full day (10 hours) to install, for both pre-op and post-op preparations and recovery.
  4. Installed. A roboticist with access to a robcom kit may purchase the device for 2,000 Cr and install it herself for no additional cost.
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