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The A.I.P.S. is the newest mega-corp and was created in a most unusual way. Power suppliers throughout the galaxy have traditionally been independents. A private investigation team gained evidence that PGC was planning a massive buyout of most energy producers, including companies in the solar, nuclear, petro-mining, and thermal collective industries.

They sold this information to a small organization of energy producers who quickly called the major power companies together and decided to merge into a mega-corp. If the thousands of independent energy producers still at large joined the A.I.P.S. it would be one of the big three mega-corps.

Headquarters: Klaktow, Hargut, Gruna Garu
Chief Executive: Petrov Noptolova (Human)
Subsidiaries: Hundreds of thousands of companies of all sizes. The best known include Machon Mining, Nova Nuclear Incorporated, and Consolidated Nebula (Con-Neb).

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