Spacefleet in battle

UPF Frigates engaging Sathar cruisers at short range.

(FY 81) The approach of the Sathar Navy has been observed by the residents of the fortified station at Ken'zah-Kit for several days. The word has come from fleet headquarters: "No reinforcements available." Those few UPF ships already at the station are ready for a fight to the death, their officers and crew knowing what fate will fall to the civilians on the station if they fail.


Task Force Z'Gata was able to evacuate Doliin Bay Station when the Sathar sent a recon force of one battlecruiser and one destroyer. The "worms" withdrew after suffering heavy losses. The ships of Task Force Z'Gata were in the shipyard, being repaired, at the time of the Battle for K'aken-Kar. (Doliin Bay is in a further orbit than UPFB Fortress Ken'zah; its powerful sensors are used to detect ships entering the system on a deceleration vector.)

The K'aken-Kar Militia had been dispatched to assist the UPF at Madderly's Star due to the invasion by the Sathar forces. They were not available for the Battle of K'aken-Kar.

This left only five capital warships, a garrison of five fighters, and Fortress Ken'zah itself to defend Ken'zah-Kit from the deadly armada of the Sathar.

UPF shipsEdit

Sathar vesselsEdit

Aftermath (speculated)Edit

While negotiating a field of concussion mines laid by the Z'Rak't Zoz, the Sathar vessels were ambushed by four more UPF ships: the Zz'Nakk'T, Shimmer, Lancet, and Rapier. Sathar disintegrator-cannons and particle-projection batteries made short work of both assault scouts, and of both frigates, despite the UPF crews' valiant efforts.

Although the Z'Rak't Zoz had taken heavy damage resulting in a fire amidships, she succeeded in activating four seeker missiles hidden among the mines. These seekers promptly locked onto and vaporized both Sathar cruisers, and also both enemy destroyers.

All that remained was the Sathar flagship.

Nearby, Fortress Ken'zah and the Maelstrom attacked each other with fighters, beam weapons and missile barrages. While charging to the UPF station's aid, the Z'Rak't Zoz was sliced apart by a salvo of ion bolts from the Sathar assault carrier. All eleven fighters were brought down as well, but one of the UPF battlecraft caught the Maelstrom with a "kamikaze" strike.

As the Sathar flagship rushed Fortress Ken'zah at flank speed, several devastating wallops were traded. The UPF station's Combat Control System short-circuited under murderous fire, forcing a switch-over to manual targeting. Finally, however, the Maelstrom went up in plasma.

The UPF had successfully defended K'aken-Kar, but suffered ruinous losses in the process. Following 36 hours of feverish labor by a damage-control team of 50 (half their original number; the rest had perished during the battle), Fortress Ken'zah partially recovered from the severe pounding inflicted by the Maelstrom. This was followed by a full day of mourning, aboard the half-wrecked station, for those who had sacrificed their lives to protect Ken'zah-Kit from the dreaded Sathar. Shortly after said wake, Task Force Prenglar regrouped at K'aken-Kar and relieved the station's survivors.

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