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News of the Sathar invasion had reached all the planets of the Frontier. The story was always the same: defeat and retreat. Soon, the major UPF planets would be in danger.

Task Force Cassidine had been dispatched to Madderly's Star with one goal: Stop the Sathar onslaught. Circling its namesake world was Fortress Kdikit, a huge and well-defended space station. Along with the ships that had been sent to reinforce it, the UPF hoped Fortress Kdikit would be the bastion that broke the Sathar rampage.

The objective of the battle was simple. This was the UPF's last desperate chance to stop the Sathar Navy before it reached major planets.

Both sides fought to the bitter end. Neither "retreat" nor "surrender" was in the Sathar vocabulary; their fleet was eradicated, as was Task Force Cassidine...except for the Admiral Clinton herself, which took a frightful thrashing en route to victory. Still, she remained space-worthy enough to evacuate Fortress Kdikit, which Sathar missiles and laser barrages had reduced to a near-useless derelict.

Overall, the Battle for Madderly's Star was a major turning point in the Sathar Wars.

UPF ships[]

Sathar vessels[]

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