Venturi (in the background) with the moon Snobol and the mining/research ship ByChem Moneyspider

SYSTEM NAME: Belnafaer
Star Color: Blue
Habitable Planets: None

Belnafaer has only three planets orbiting it. Two of these (Gog and Magog) are in close orbit around the star and are hot, rocky and barren. The third planet, Venturi, is a cloud gas giant planet which orbits Belnafaer at a much greater distance and has an extensive system of moons and rings.

The Belnafaer system was first charted by a survey ship under charter by the ByChem Corporation. The survey noted nothing of interest until an atmoprobe (an unmanned, atmospheric probe) was sent into the upper atmosphere of the gas giant planet Venturi. This not only reported the presence of the expected gases (hydrogen, helium, methane, etc.) but also found low concentrations of several bio-chemicals (including Cys-DiEropadyne and Meta-Trilphidone) which had never been encountered in nature before.

Planets[edit | edit source]

Planet Name:    Gog
Planet Type:       Rock
Moons:              unknown
Diameter:           unknown
Temperature:      hot

Planet Name:  Magog
Planet Type:     Rock
Moons:            unknown
Diameter:         unknown
Temperature:    hot

Planet Name: Venturi
Planet Type:     Gas Giant
Moons:            20+
Moon Name: Snobol
Diameter: 6 km (average)
Atmosphere: None
Temperature: -140*C
Diameter:         129,000 km
Temperature:    -180*C to -50*C

Subspace Trade Routes[edit | edit source]

Scree fron reaches.jpg

The system is served by two commercial routes, recently opened as a shortcut in the Athor-Scree Fron route:

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