Type: Large Herbivore
Number: 10-20
Move: Slow (see Special Attack)
IM/RS: +5/45
Stamina: 100
Attack: 45
Damage: 10d10/20d10
Special Attack: Attack Charge (see description)
Special Defense: Defense None
Native World: Starmist – Meadows and Grasslands

The bisron is a large animal with massive ram-like horns curling over its head. Short forelegs cause the body to slope upwards in the rear. The bisron requires large amounts of meadow grass to sustain its bulk. Its nose is long, narrow, and partially prehensile and is used to help uproot plants. Bisron gather in family groups up to 20. The males attack anything that approaches within 100m of the group. There is one male per four bisron encountered.


Charge: this special attack form is terrifying in its speed and power. In one melee turn the bisron covers 100 m. If it hits, the target takes 10d10 damage as well as possible displacement as noted below. During the second melee round, if a second target is within the bisron's vision the animal will cover 200 m to deliver 20d10 of damage as well as displacement.

Because of its immense power, weight, and speed, a bisron may displace its target. Weight to 100 kg will be hurled 1d10 times 10 m. Weight to 1000 kg will be moved 1-100 m (% dice roll). Weight over 1000 kg may be knocked over depending upon circumstances and size of target. As an example, a bisron will not overturn a spaceship but will knock over most ground vehicles and hover vehicles if within 2 m of the ground.

If the bisron survives two charges, it will have to roll for a base 25% chance of heart attack on each additional attack, with 5% being added cumulatively. Bisron will faint after five total attacks, although they may not die. They will be unconscious for several hours.

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