The Black Market[1] is the name given to the various buyers and sellers of illegal goods and services throughout the Frontier. There is/are no formal location(s) known as "the Black Market", though it is possible on occasion to find a place where one or more purveyors of illicit goods have set up shop in the same place. Any such location is going to be a closely-guarded secret.

Why the Black Market exists Edit

The costs listed in the Equipment Tables are suggested retail prices for items purchased in a stall, store, etc. Actual costs are determined by the referee but the variance should be less than 10% of the listed price, unless the item is not purchased in the normal manner.

Some items, because of availability or illegality, cannot be found in a retail setting. However, they may be found on the black market.[2] The black market deals in items sold privately with no receipt, no return, no questions asked, and usually no taxes paid.

Prices and Costs in the Black Market Edit

On some planets there are no laws against the black market. On other planets the price for selling or buying black market goods can include imprisonment and massive fines.

Prices for minor items purchased on the black market are no more than 15% higher than normal, but prices for rare or illegal items can be as high as triple the standard price.[3]

Notes and References Edit

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  2. It is rumored that governments and even Star Law have resorted to this outlet when searching for hard-to-find items.
  3. Star Lawmen who deal with back marketeers on their own planets are often exposing themselves to blackmail and extortion unless HQ is kept informed.
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