Blast pistol

Not every world is so well equipped as the core worlds of the UPF. In fact, on the rim worlds, few beam weapon specialists are sporting the latest laser pistol. They carry a Blast pistol.[1]

It’s a little bit bulky, doesn’t clear a holster quite quick enough, but it does pack a wallop. When fired, the energy from a standard SEU clip is focused through inexpensive crystal membranes (where some of the energy is wasted and dissipates in the form of heat). The energy releases in a rather large, nasty red blast that sounds thunderous rather than elegant. After the shot, there is a few seconds of high pitched whine while the crystal membranes perform a regeneration (thus the slow rate of fire for a beam weapon). It is not a stealthy pistol, but it is also cheap.

Blast Pistol

Another blast pistol[2]

The blast pistol drains 2 SEU per shot. It does not come equipped with a power port for the connection of an external beltpack or other powerpack.

When holstered, the bulky nature of the end of the muzzle takes a little bit of effort to draw, causing an Initiative Modifier of -1 (in addition to the -3 penalty normally associated with holstered weapons).

An albedo suit or screen defends against the Blast pistol as effectively as it does against other laser weapons.

Weapon Cost Mass Damage Ammo SEU use Rate Defense Range (PB/S/M/L/E)
Blast Pistol 200 Cr 1.5 4d10 20 SEU 2 1 Albedo 5 / 10 /- / - / -

Notes and References Edit

  1. First appearance is in Star Frontiersman #1, as is the marquee image.
  2. Designed by Chris Donovan using Pimp My Gun.
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