A Body-Jump Box (also called a BJB) is an advanced medical device used to try to resurrect a dead individual.[1] It comes in many types, from huge chambers in city hospitals[2] and spaceports[3] to small, portable units that can be carried into the field. When wired to various nerve points of the victim's body and head and then activated, it forces beta particles through the body.

If the person using the device (who must have the Medical Devices skill)[4] makes his skill check, the body comes back to life.[5] If the skill check is missed, the body is completely destroyed by the beta particles.[6] This operation can only be attempted on an individual who has been dead less than 10 hours (600 minutes).

Body Jump Boxes are required to safely remove active freeze field devices from individuals. When used in this manner, no skill check is required,[7] but immediate medical care is required to restore STA to the individual and bring him or her to 0 STA, or else the individual "dies" again.

A portable body-jump box costs 20,000 credits and has a mass of 5 kilograms.

Notes and References Edit

  1. Between -1 STA and -30 STA
  2. These larger units enjoy a +20% modifier (Alpha Dawn Expanded Rulebook pp. 16) to the skill check.
  3. As part of the revival process for Storage class passengers.
  4. The Medical Devices skill is detailed Zebulon's Guide to Frontier Space pp. 19 and belongs to that ruleset. To use the BJB Alpha Dawn, use the Activate Freeze Field subskill of the Medical skill.
  5. Functionally, the device "resets the clock" on the dead character, not "healing" any damage, but giving a medic a chance of performing First Aid/Field Surgery, or applying Staydose or a Freeze Field on the injured character. Characters at -31 STA or less are not recoverable due to extensive tissue damage. If medical treatment cannot be immediately provided, the medic must apply a Freeze Field or make use of Staydose to stabilize the patient until proper care can be provided. For purposes of Freeze Field/Staydose, the "moment of death" is the turn after the BJB was activated.
  6. This does not mean "the body was disintegrated"; it means that the body's tissues were damaged beyond hope of repair
  7. The BJB connects to the already "installed" freeze field and maintains function as it is removed.
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