Bombers (also called Heavy Fighters or Fighter-Bombers) are large fighters (hull size 2) built for anti-ship combat. Bombers are not as fast or maneuverable as fighters, but have more (8-12) assault rockets, or one or two torpedoes. Due to their reduced agility, they cannot take enemy fighters in a head-on fight, and usually have fighter or assault scout escorts. They are just small enough to operate from an assault carrier or space station fighter bay, but take up thrice (x3) the space.

Heavy Bombers (also called Long-range Bombers) are built from an assault scout hull (hull size 3), and are fitted with three or four torpedoes at the cost of all other weapons. As they are helpless against enemy fighters, they require escorts. Unlike regular bombers, they are jump capable because, and they are too large for fighter bays.

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