Sea Frontiers

Characters using underwater breathing apparatus.

A breathing apparatus is worn in environments where a gas mask is insufficient but conditions do not require the use of a spacesuit. It consists of a full- or partial-face mask attached to either a tank of breathable atmosphere, a "scrubber" that actively cleans existing atmosphere or a combination of both. Some breathing apparatuses are designed to be used underwater either using a tank of atmosphere, or by extracting oxygen from the surrounding water (this later form sometimes being called a "gillpack").[1]

A fully-charged breathing apparatus has an endurance of up to 20 hours, depending on the tank's capacity, the depth of the dive, and the amount of effort exerted by the diver. Ten- and twenty-hour tanks are standard.

Cost: 120 Cr (10-hour), 180 Cr (20-hour)
Weight: 11 kg (10 hour), 15 kg (20 hour)
Recharge: 25 Cr (10 hour), 50 Cr (20 hour)

Notes and References Edit

  1. Using underwater breathing apparatuses requires special rules. See: Artificial Gill Suit.

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