Stern view of ByChem Moneyspider, tethered to the moon-station Snobol

ByChem Moneyspider is a Gas Mining Refinery Ship registered as a research ship by the ByChem Corporation, under the command of Captain Akizk Taark Kass. When chartered to the Belnafaer system, for the Venturi Project, it was anchored to a moon of dry ice called Snobol by a 16 kilometer long cable, in orbit around the gas giant Venturi. Moneyspider was modified to serve as a base of operation for the Venturi Project; to extract bio-chemicals -- namely Cys-DE (Cys-DiEropadyne) and Meta-TI (Meta-Thilphidone) -- from the upper atmosphere of Venturi, by a a high-atmosphere floating extraction platform called Jetsom.

Crew[edit | edit source]

The crew is divided into three groups: The core group operates on Moneyspider; teams Alpha and Beta takes shifts on the Jetsom platform. The teams rotate every 38 days -- when Snobol orbits the closest to Venturi.

A disaster relating to a substance called "Matrix" doomed the project and most of the crew.

Crew manifest:

Name Position Race Status[1]
Akizk Taark Kass Captain Vrusk (male) Deceased
Parl Kiopta Co-pilot Human (female) Deceased
Ellen Coopermann Chief Engineer Human (female) Alive
Baralou Ap-Reaverchan Astrogator Yazirian (female)[2] Deceased
Tak-Arbork Assistant Astrogator Vrusk (male) Deceased
Fiator Geauis Technician Dralasite Deceased
Jetsom Team Alpha
Deed Fengall Team Leader Yazirian (female) Critical
Hal Sinclair Technician Human (male) Deceased
Atata Myera Sape Handler Yazirian (male) Deceased
Akord Zon Computer Operator Vrusk (female) Deceased
Jetsom Team Beta
Nimbrus Hool Team Leader Dralasite Deceased
Daqor L. Klarr Technician Vrusk (male) Deceased
Castuss Wallorr Sape Handler Yazirian (male) Deceased
Midge Arma Computer Operator Human (female) Deceased
  1. Status as of the conclusion of the adventure Bugs in the System.
  2. SPOILER! This character is actually an advanced anthropomorphic robot.

Layout[edit | edit source]

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