The Cassidine Development Corporation logo

The Cassidine Development Corporation has grown over the last few decades, but not to the same extent as the Streel Corporation. CDC has offices on all major worlds and is starting to expand into the Rim. CDC specializes in insurance companies and in operations of a risky nature, such as planetary and deep space mining operations, archaeological digs, and off-Frontier exploration ventures.

Headquarters: New Hope, Triad, Cassidine
Chief Executive: Members of the Board of Directors share equal power; most noted Director is Xoprothun (Dralasite)
Subsidiaries: CDC is fronted so well that subsidiaries are relatively unknown
Allies: CDC has had an allience, at one time or another, with almost every mega-corp except PGC and Streel
Enemies: None
Occasional Opposition: PGC, Galatic Task Force Inc., Streel Corporation, Capellan Free Merchants, MercCo


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