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Just uploaded a series of pictures, most are of yazirians. I've been engaged with doing studies of the yazirians and dralasites. Vrusk will be the next challenge but for now the yaz, dral and human subjects is what has been filling up my sketch pad. Actually been delving deeper into yazirian and dralasite culture trying to envision how they might do things and what they might wear. For example when drawing the dralasites in the Circle of Debate I seems to me that they might have a formal or traditional wear for this activity and the toga came to mind. Googling toga brought up some roman examples and I adapted them to the dralasite body.

My method for drawing yazirians and to a lesser extent dralasites is to find a nice pose that I like of a human and begin to sketch its rough shape. Then I begin to "yaz-i-fy" it adding the extra breasts, pataguim wings, pointie ears, mane then add more details like clothing and equipment. Dralasites are easier, I form a rough idea of the pose and then think about how a round fat gut on a human would sit in that pose. Naturally enough all of my dralasites have been fat.

Often as not I usually find my poses on Deviant Art by typing poses into the search field which will pull up studies like this one:


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