Dna cloning

Cloning is a process that is extremely rare, and performed at only the most advanced hospitals. When someone is to be cloned, tissue samples are taken of various parts of the patient's body. These may be held for any length of time. From these samples, a new body may be grown when requested. Growing a clone takes 500 days and costs 1,000,000 credits. Physically, the clone will be identical in appearance to the subject from which the tissue samples were taken, save for scars and other non-inherited physical traits. The clone will have average physical abilities (Strength, Stamina, Reaction Speed and Dexterity), but their minds are a blank-slate (no Intuition, Logic, Personality, Leadership or Special Abilities). A clone may be supplied with these abilities through an experiential matrix (giving the clone the scores recorded in the Matrix). If a matrix is fed into a clone different from the person from whom the matrix was taken, the subject would be greatly handicapped in the foreign body (Strength, Dexterity, Reaction Speed, Personality, and Leadership scores are all reduced by 20 points, with a minimum score of 6). Clones and cloning are illegal on some worlds.

Experiential Matrix Analysis Edit

Living people may undergo an experiential matrix analysis. This process will record all memories and experiences of the subject up to the time of the analysis into a special computer storage. The process is mainly used to transfer memories to a clone, and may only be done at an advanced hospital. This process is dangerous as it involves severe strain on the subject; there is a 20% chance that the patient may suffer brain-damage (roll for each, to see if Stamina, Logic, Intuition, Reaction Speed, Personality, and/or Leadership lowers by 10-50 points, with a minimum score of 6, save for Stamina), and a slight of death (if Stamina drops below one). (Reduced abilities may only be increased by use of experience points.) The analysis takes one week and costs 50,000 credits.

Cost: 1,000,000 Cr (Cloning), 50,000 Cr (Experiential Matrix Analysis)

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