Type: Small Carnivore
Number: 1d10+10
Move: Very Fast
IM/RS: +8/75
Stamina: 20
Attack: 45
Damage: 1d10
Special Attack: Feeding Frenzy
Special Defense: None
Native World: Starmist – Water

Cudda are one-meter-long carnivorous fish native to Starmist that usually school in the feeding areas of the Gasp. However, schools and individuals can be found anywhere there is flowing water.


A cudda attack is simple and straightforward. They bite and do 1d10 points of damage per turn if successful. If they succeed they do not have to roll for attack in subsequent rounds. They bore into the victim as they bite and no further roll is required unless they are dislodged. Victims may dislodge a cudda in one round if their strength is 50 or over. Those who have successfully pulled the fish out may then destroy it in two additional rounds. If the cudda is let go, it will immediately attack again.

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