Type: Giant Cybernetic Omnivore
Number: 1-2
Move: Fast
IM/RS: +8/75
Stamina: 500
Attack: 80
Damage: 10d10 bite, claws, metal tentacles
Special Attack: 10d10 laser eye, 10d10 laser eye, 3d10 flamethrower
Special Defense: None
Native World: Volturnus – all terrain except mountains and dense forests

Cybodragons are a terror weapon created by the Sathar. They are so-named because they have a flamethrower installed inside their mouths.

Sathar use cybodragons to support their combat troops. They are also found guarding Sathar installations.[1]


Cybodragons are huge Volturnian lizards that have been cybernetically altered. Many parts of their bodies have been replaced by machinery.

Each of their two eyes have been replaced by the Sathar equivalent of a laser rifle set on 10 SEU. Each eye has 5 shots before its power pack must be recharged. The cybodragon uses other sensing machines to serve the same functions as normal eyes.

The flamethrower has 10 charges. Each charge does 3d10 points of damage on a successful attack.

The ranges for a flamethrower are PB=10 m, S = 20 m, M = 30m, L = 40m, and E = 50m.

In melee, the cybodragon uses its claws, bite, and various metal tentacles to do 10d10 points of damage on a successful attack.


The animal chosen for conversion into a Sathar terror monster was already an aggressive and tenacious predator. The cyber-conversion process involved installing neural blocks to remove any sense of fear or self-preservation from the animal as well as boosting its level of adrenaline production.

As a result, cybodragons cannot be intimidated or driven off, and (once combat begins) will fight to the death. Sathar needing to approach a cybodragon for any reason (to use as a mount, or for recharging/ repairing its weapons) must use a special override signal to effectively paralyze the creature or they too will be attacked.[2]

Volturnian "dragon"
Type: Giant Omnivore
Number: 1-2
Move: fast
IM/RS: +6/55
Stamina: 375
Attack: 60
Damage: 4d10 bite/claws
Special Attack: none
Special Defense: none
Native World: Volturnus - all terrain except mountains and dense forests

Base creature

The native predator the sathar chose as the basis for creating cybodragons is a quite formidable opponent in it's own right. While not as fast as the cybodragon, and lacking the grafted-on additional weapons , it's natural jaws and claws are still capable of doing significant damage should it be fortunate enough to get a grip on any character.

The primary weakness of the unmodified "dragon" is that it retains the natural fears of any living creature (especially of fire) as well as its sense of self-preservation.

  1. Alpha Dawn "Starspawn of Volturnus" module
  2. Clever players might be able to detect and replicate that signal under the right conditions with a Defeat Security or Alter Functions skill check at -30%.
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