Star Frontiers destroyer

Destroyers are larger than frigates, but also slower and less maneuverable. They carry an average of 45 crew members. Their main function is to escort larger ships.

  • Hull Points: 50
  • Acceleration/Deceleration Factor: 3
  • Maneuver Rating: 3
  • Damage Control Rating: 75
  • Weapons: laser (or xaser) assault-cannon, 6 missile batteries, laser (or xaser) battery, 2 (anti-matter) torpedoes, electron (or ion) battery
  • Defenses: reflective hull, 2 masking screens (or x-screens), 5 ICMs
  • Crew Members: 40 to 50

A destroyer carries more fuel than a frigate, but still needs an engine overhaul after every three jumps. The UPF has only a few destroyers. The Sathar have made destroyers their most common warships.

Ships of the Line

Known UPF Ships (class): Known Militia Ships (class):
  • UPFS Allison May
  • UPFS Arcturon
  • UPFS Daedalus
  • UPFS Dridia
  • UPFS Chivalry
  • UPFS Corvinus
  • UPFS Faith
  • UPFS Majestic
  • UPFS Melinda McCoy
  • UPFS Pulsar
Inner Reach Militia Ships:
  • IRMS Republic (Melinda McCoy)
  • IRMS Globo*

Minotaur Militia Ships:

  • MMS Republic* (Republic)
Known Sathar Attack Vessels
(by codenames and class):
Known Independent Ships (class):
  • SAV Assassin
  • SAV Barbaric
  • SAV Bloodthirsty
  • SAV Bludgeon (Viper)
  • SAV Cruel
  • SAV Deathwind (Deathwind)
  • SAV Devastator (Devastator)
  • SAV Destiny
  • SAV Doomfist (Venomous)
  • SAV Fate
  • SAV Fearless
  • SAV Implacable
  • SAV Maggot
  • SAV Nefarious
  • SAV Nemesis (Nemesis)
  • SAV Pestilence (Pestilence)
  • SAV Reaper of Death
  • SAV Remorseless
  • SAV Ruthless
  • SAV Severe
  • SAV Vampire (Viper)
  • SAV Vicious (Venomous)
  • SAV Villainous
  • SAV Viper (Viper)
  • SAV Venomous (Venomous)
  • SAV Venomous
  • SAV Wicked


(* unofficial name from The Star Frontiersman)

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