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Diseases are biologically-caused illnesses. They are rated according to how they modify ability checks, how long the modification lasts and whether the disease is fatal.

The modifier is a negative number and the duration is in 10-hour periods. If the duration is followed by an exclamation mark, the disease will kill anyone it has infected after that length of time unless the disease is treated at a hospital.[1]

One particularly virulent example is the Blue Plague which killed seventeen million Frontier inhabitants the began in FY 17 and would not end until 10 years later.[2] The Plague was so persistent and pervasive that quarantines were established throughout UPF space until a cure was found by the Medical Services Organization.[3] Five systems remain under quarantine for the Plague to the present time.

For example, a -10/D10! disease modifies every ability check the character makes by -10 for 100 hours. The victim will die after 100 hours unless he is treated successfully at a hospital.

Curing a disease requires a dose of Antibody Plus; if the attempt fails, the antibody plus dose has been used up and the disease has not been cured.

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