UPFB Doliin Bay was a small Fortified Space Station in orbit around the planet Ken'zah-Kit, in the K'aken-Kar system.[1] It had to be abandoned, following an attack by the Sathar battle-cruiser Perdition and its destroyer-escort Venomous.

The attacking Sathar ships represented one prong of a huge attack against colonized planets along the Frontier's edge. the attackers' mission was simple: destroy any UPF starships encountered, and wipe out any colonies in the area.

Doliin Bay had been guarded for two weeks by two UPF ships: the frigate Z'Gata, commanded by Beril Gamache; the assault scout Stiletto.

The Stiletto was lost in the skirmish, holding off the Sathar while the Z'Gata evacuated Doliin Bay and then escaped.

Notes and References Edit

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