Doze Grenade

PGC DZG-2A Doze Grenade. Note gas dispersal grid on bottom.

Doze Grenades in the Frontier Sector are small, lightweight non-lethal throwing devices designed to disperse a fast-acting knockout gas (Doze Gas) which is effective against all known Frontier and Rim biological races (including Humans, Dralasites, Yazirians, Vrusk, Ifshnit, Osakar, Humma and Sathar[1]).

Each grenade has a cost of 10 Cr and has negligible weight. It can be set to detonate on impact or it can be set to detonate using a built-in timer, adjustable to up to one minute.[2] Conversely, the grenade can be mounted to either a grenade bullet (for use with a grenade rifle) or a grenade shell (for use with a grenade mortar).

Upon detonation, the Doze Gas is quickly dispersed, affecting all living being unprotected by gas masks, spacesuits or other sealed environment. All who succumb[3] will be knocked out for up to 10 minutes,[4] but may be roused instantly with a shot of Stimdose. The gas becomes inert after less than six seconds, precluding any lingering clouds; a good thing, since the gas is colorless and odorless and would be difficult to avoid otherwise.

A single Doze Grenade is included in the Standard Equipment Pack, indicating that it is commonly available and legal to own.

Doze Gas is also available with specialized gyrojet ammunition.

Source: Alpha Dawn

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. The Alpha Dawn rulebook´s description of the Sathar race states that "(s)ome survivors of Sathar attacks have reported that Sathar are not effected by electrical shocks or doze grenades, but these reports have never been confirmed."
  2. 1-10 6-second turns
  3. fail a STA check
  4. 1d100 6-second turns
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