Pirate and Outer Reach Assault Scouts takes on the UPFS Courageous.

The Dramune War was a conflict between the worlds of Inner Reach and Outer Reach in the Dramune System. Much of the conflict stemmed from ideological differences, and a growing drug epidemic on Inner Reach by the infamous Outer Reach crime czar and pirate king known as "The Malthar".

Knowing the growing hostility would boil over into all out war, a battle group from Task Force Cassidine, led by the UPFS Courageous, entered the Dramune system as a "stabilizing influence." When the illegal operations of the Malthar were about to be undermined by the return of Garlus Tylappar, ship's master of the freighter Gullwind, the Malthar ordered a hit on the freighter captain. When the UPF task force answered Gullwind's distress call, the Malthar ordered all witness terminated, resulting in the famous "Battle of Dramune's Run", in which the Malthar's forces were soundly defeated.

Order of Battle

UPF and Inner Reach Militia Allied Fleet: Malthar and Inner Reach Militia Allied Fleet:

Base of Operation:

UPF Fleet Detachment:

UPF Fleet Escort:

Inner Reach Militia Ships:

Base of Operation:

Outer Reach Militia Ships:

Malthar's Pirate Fleet

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