Type: Small Carnivore
Number: 1
Move: Very Slow
IM/RS: +2/18
Stamina: 20
Attack: 80
Damage: 2d10 digestion
Special Attack: Attract 2d10 droppers 1d10 turns
Special Defense: Immune to projectile weapons,

doze grenades, ranged weapons

Native World: Volturnus – caverns

Droppers are invertebrate, cave-dwelling creatures native to the planet Volturnus.


The dropper resembles a giant amoeba. It is a flat, irregular blob up to 1 meter in diameter. The dropper inhabits cavern ceilings all over Volturnus, always ready to drop on any unsuspecting prey walking beneath it. When the dropper senses another creature approaching, it crops a tentacle-like pseudo-pod covered with a sticky digestive acid. If this pseudo-pod strikes the prey, the dropper falls onto the creature in the same turn and attempts to envelop it (treat as a grapple). The dropper then begins to digest the creature, releasing digestive acids that cause 2d10 damage every turn the victim fails to break the dropper's hold. The smell of this digestive acid will attract 2d10 more droppers to the area in 1d10 turns.

Because of its amoeba-like body, projectile weapons will not affect the dropper. It is also immune to the effects of tangler grenades, for it simply oozes out of the tangler strings. Since the dropper never sleeps (even if artificially stimulated), doze grenades will not affect it either. In addition, any person using a ranged weapon attacks at -10 due to the dropper's ability to blend with its natural rock surroundings (droppers cannot even be seen from distances greater than 5 meters). Very bright light will cancel the effects oft the dropper's camouflage.

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