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ES-01 electrostunner[1]

Eversafe Enterprises has joined the personal defense market with the Eversafe ES-01 electrostunner. Improvements in voltage regulation and modulation have improved the versatility of the weapon by extending the range and fine-tuning the effectiveness of the blast in both stun and blast mode.  In both modes the weapon now has a low- and high-power mode.

On low power the weapon draws 1 SEU and does either 2d10 Stamina/physical damage (blast), or 2d10 non-lethal Stamina damage.  The avoidance roll is made against the adjusted Stamina score, rather than the full score.

On high power, the above values are doubled.

The ES-01 comes with a mounted "red dot" holosight (+10% to Hit), and can accept SEU clips or be plugged into a power beltpack or back pack as desired.

The ES-01 costs 600 credits, and has a mass of 1 kg.

ES-01 Improved Electrostunner Skill Damage Rate Ammo Usage Range Cost Defense Mass
Low-power Stun Beam 2d10 non-lethal 1 20/50/100 1 SEU 10/25/-/-/- 600 Gauss/A-S 1 kg
High-power Stun 4d10 non-lethal 1 2 SEU
Low-power Blast 2d10 1 1 SEU
High-power Blast 4d10 1 2 SEU

Notes and References Edit

  1. Image made in PimpMyGun.
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