Engineers routinely carry a Techkit. In addition to the items in the techkit, however, the engineer will have three specialized tools:[1][2]

  • Wellaser: Laser welder which can repair punctures and tears in sheet metal.
  • Plastiseal: Package of compressed plastic which, when activated, expands to a 2-meter x 2-meter sheet of airtight plastic, used for sealing holes in ships. Several sheets of plastiseal can be used together to patch a very large hole.
  • Insuit: Insulated suit[3] to protect engineers while working on atomic engines. Also worn by fighter pilots to protect them from the nearby atomic drive.

An Engineer's Toolkit costs 2,500 credits.[4]

Notes and References[edit | edit source]

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  2. Ground side Technicians often make use of these as well.
  3. A specialized form of Environment Suit
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