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An Envirokit are a set of scanners used by Environmental Specialists to better study new and usual environments.[1] This kit contains only three items,[2] but they are very sophisticated pieces of equipment that require a skilled operator to properly use and interpret the results.

The entire kit weighs 5 or 10 kg,[3] and can be fastened to a belt or placed in a backpack. All together, it only costs 500 credits.

A standard envirokit contains the following:

  • LOCAD-PTS-detail.jpg
    Bioscanner — This device consists of a network of straps and electrodes connected to a readout gauge. When attached to a plant or animal, living or dead, it can determine what type organism is being examined and whether it is edible or poisonous.
  • Earth-Final-Conflict-Hand-Held-Scanner-1.jpg
    Geoscanner — The geoscanner can break down up to a first-sized sample of rock or soil and analyze it. It will report what minerals the sample contains and whether there are likely to be valuable ore, gas or oil deposits nearby.
  • Space-Above-and-Beyond-Hero-Environmental-Scanner-2.jpg
    Vaporscanner — A vaporscanner is a small device that contains sensitive gas analyzers. It will report on a digital screen what gaseous elements are present, their quantities and whether breathing them is dangerous.

Notes & References[edit | edit source]

  1. Star Frontiers Alpha Dawn pp.45
  2. Some Environmental specialists supplement the standard kit with specialty scanners such as the Radscanner.
  3. The description of the kit gives a mass of 5 kg, while the cost/mass tables gives a mass of 10 kg

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