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An environmental suit is designed to protect its wearer from the weather and other conditions on habitable planets.[1] It is made of lightweight, quilted cloth.[2] The suit covers the entire body and has a built-in gas mask[3], goggles, and a small heating/cooling system. This will keep the suit cooled to a comfortable temperature on hot planets and warm on cold planets.

The suit also protects against tainted atmospheres, airborne irritants, and dust- and sandstorms. Any field may be used with the suit, and it may be worn under an albedo suit or skeinsuit. It may not be worn under a slipsuit. The environmental suit itself gives no protection from attacks. The suit may be powered from a power pack or powerclip.

An environmental suit uses 1 SEU per day if the heating/cooling system is used.

Cost: 100 Cr[4]
Mass: 2 kg

Notes and References[edit | edit source]

  1. Previously developed material for Star Frontiers: Alpha Dawn not released before development of Zebulon's Guide to Frontier Space. Released in the article "For a Fistful of Credits" by AD co-developer Zeb Cook in Dragon Magazine #112.
  2. Some models might be mistaken for lightweight spacesuits at a distance.
  3. Or a breathing apparatus in environments where there is pressure, but eliminating exposure to it is desirable (such as no oxygen, need for absolute isolation [radiation suits, biohazard suits, etc]).
  4. More limited versions designed to protect against one specific extreme environment or condition ("cold suits" radiation suits, desert survival suits, etc) may be available at a lesser cost.
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