Evergleem is the colonized moon which circles the planet Triad, in the Cassidine system.

Evergloom[edit | edit source]

Evergleem Detainment Camp, colloquially known as "Evergloom", is situated among the methane lakes of Evergleem. This prison was first designed to hold white-collar criminals from the planet below. Today however it is bursting with hardened criminals from all over the Frontier. The security service is about 50% robotic and the rest are employed by Cassidine Development Corporation and earn battle pay for their service.

The prison exists on a road between two colonies; Khomak and Thrivastine, both of which are settled by most of the people who work in or for the prison itself.

Thrivastine has a spaceport with daily shuttle flights to Triad.[1]

Notes & Resources[edit | edit source]

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  1. Actually, to one of the Space Stations orbiting Triad, due to time and fuel constraints.
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