Evergleem is the colonized moon which circles the planet Triad, in the Cassidine system.


Evergleem Detainment Camp, colloquially known as "Evergloom", is situated among the methane lakes of Evergleem. This prison was first designed to hold white-collar criminals from the planet below. Today however it is bursting with hardened criminals from all over the Frontier. The security service is about 50% robotic and the rest are employed by Cassidine Development Corporation and earn battle pay for their service.

The prison exists on a road between two colonies; Khomak and Thrivastine, both of which are settled by most of the people who work in or for the prison itself.

Thrivastine has a spaceport with daily shuttle flights to Triad.[1]

Notes & ResourcesEdit

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  1. Actually, to one of the Space Stations orbiting Triad, due to time and fuel constraints.
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