Heavy Explorer
Heavy Explorer 1
Manufacturer: various
Cost to Own: 30-55,000 Cr
Rental Cost: 350 Cr plus 250 Cr/day
Propulsion Type: Ground
Top Speed: 125m/t (75kph)
Turn Speed: 50m/t (30kph)
Acceleration Speed: 24m/t
Deceleration Speed: 18m/t
Powerplant: x2 3 Parabattery
Range: 2000km
Fuel Economy: 2 SEU/km
Crew: 1 (2 with gunner)
Passengers: 7
Cargo Limit: 7,500, 21 cubic meters
Armaments: none
Armor: none
Other Equipment: Basic environmental sensors, Type 3 computer w/parabattery, Type A power generator, radiophone, rations, water tank, water reclamator, ground cycle, 1 each standard Kits, 9 survival kits, basic equipment

A Heavy Explorer is a multi-wheeled enlarged version of the standard Explorer and form the heart of most major survey and research expeditions throughout the Frontier. Heavy Explorers are capable of most of same range of travel as a standard explorer over most terrain, though some models have slightly less facility with challenging terrain, and all models do so over extremely steep terrain.

Heavy Explorers often come equipped with a standardized package of basic communications and sensing equipment, as well as a large capacity water tank (300-600 liter), water purification and reclamation equipment, storage for 3 months' rations. One Type 3 computer (with separate parabattery) serves most conceivable computing needs. A Type A generator provides recharge capacity for an expedition's power packs and parabatteries.

Explorer by karanak-d8d2s83

A full set of kits (including one each of Techkit , Robcom kit, Environmental Kit, and Medikit, in addition to one Survival Kit for each passenger) and other basic equipment (binoculars, rope, etc.) rounds out the package. A standard ground cycle is available as an auxiliary vehicle.

The remaining ~7,500kg/21 cubic meters of cargo capacity can be configured to suit the needs/preferences of individual owners, though renters generally have to make due with the standard configuration supplemented by their own personal gear.

Military Conversion Options Edit

The usual armaments and defenses can be installed per the rules/costs for those added to the standard Explorer. The installed gear can be swapped out for any military equipment desired.

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