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The Firsters is a quai-political/terrorist faction that believes that all of the Rim races should be sent back to the Rim. Their slogans are such cliches as "The Frontier for the Founders" and "Kick a Rimmer Today". At first this organization was not taken seriously by most inhabitants of the Frontier and became the butt of many a joke, however recent militant activities aimed at members of the Rim races and their businesses have sobered the public to the reality of violent racial prejudice. The ARP organization is the greatest opponent of the Firster movement.

No Firster headquarters in known to exist, as its operations are completely covert. While none of the leaders are known, a rallying figure is known to be the dead Vrusk named G'rch B'on. B'on was a member of the Firsters when they were still a tiny cult. He attacked an Ifshnit couple one night but died in the assault. The coroner's findings indicated B'on tripped over his own feet and broke his neck in the fall. The Firsters insist that witnesses (other Firsters, incidentally) saw the Ifshnits pick the fight and then kill B'on. B'on is now a martyr for the Firster cause and a rallying symbol for anyone who dislikes being from the Rim.

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