Flashlights are an essential piece of equipment in the Frontier.[1] Vastly superior to the ones included in the Pocket Tool, their compact size (no discernible encumbrance weight),[2] and utility place them in the pockets or on the belts of almost every adventurer and explorer in the Frontier.

The most popular models are about the size of a pencil (between 17-20 cm in length, 5-7 mm in width) and have a rechargeable battery that lasts about 200 hours at full output. Using an adjustable focus lens, the beam of light can be adjusted from extra-wide room-wide illumination to a powerful beam that reaches out to 100m.[3]



Flashlights that are small enough may be worn on the wrist or on a headband, or mounted to a helmet or firearm. Flashlights are generally shock-resistant and virtually waterproof. Some, designed for security work, have additional reinforcement and can serve as a club in an emergency.

Due to their usefulness, they are commonly included in Emergency Survival Kits.


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  2. Flashlights come in a variety of sizes and outputs for a variety of purposes ranging from small, low-power ones used by doctors when conducting examinations to very large lights which are fixed to a base or mounted on a vehicle. The later are more properly referred to as "searchlights" or "floodlights". Naturally, the larger and/or more powerful the light, the more expensive it is.
  3. The output of a flashlight is measured in lumens. An older, less scientific measure of output is candlepower, which compared the light emitted to a number of candles of a fixed size.

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