Flit Board
Manufacturer: ??
Cost to Own: 15,000 Cr
Rental Cost: ?? Cr plus ?? Cr/day
Propulsion Type: Thrust/VTOL
Top Speed: 333m/t (200kph)
Turn Speed: 166m/t (100kph)
Acceleration Speed:  ??m/t
Deceleration Speed: ??m/t
Powerplant: x1 Type 3 Parabatteries
Range: 1,000km
Fuel Economy: 2 SEU/km
Crew: 1 (Pilot only)
Passengers: 0
Cargo Limit: 10 kg, 1 cubic meters
Armaments: None
Armor: None
Other Equipment: None

A flit board is a vertical take-off and landing craft (VTOL). While it takes off vertically like a helicopter (using small jets instead of blades), it flies forward like a jet. Designed for one person, it is about 3 meters long and the pilot flies it prone, belly-down. The pilot uses a simple joystick and foot pedals to control it. He straps himself onto the board, because the only body structures besides the base are the nosecone and windshield on the front.

In the very center of the flit board's nosecone is a muzzle port. This can either be fitted with a rifle, long rifle, or medium-ordinance weapon. It is considered a fixed mount. The flit board is incredibly quiet and a favorite of the Star Law Posse. The flit board uses a Type 3 parabattery.

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