Big floodlight


A Floodlight is an extremely powerful light that comes in many shapes and sizes, but is usually cylindrical (60 cm long with a 60 cm diameter). It is most often mounted on vehicles, larger robots, and installations.[1]

A floodlight must be powered by either powerpacks or parabatteries. One SEU is required every ten minutes of operation. A floodlight can cast a beam of light up to 600 meters. If it is directed at a character's eyes the character cannot see clearly and suffers negative modifier to all attacks made that turn.[2]

A floodlight costs 250 credits and has a mass of 5 kilograms.[3]

Notes and References Edit

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  2. Under Zebulon's system, putting a target in the light from a floodlight requires a Resolution Table roll on the Level 1 column each turn), The character targeted suffers a -2 Column Shift combat modifier to all attacks made that turn. In the Alpha Dawn system, suggest 1/2 DEX + 10% to target, and a -20 for the target's attack rolls. Solar optics mitigate this effect.
  3. Zebulon's Guide Equipment list
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