A force axe is a melee weapon that looks like a 1-meter-long ebony bar.[1] The bar's diameter is wide enough to hold a normal powerclip. When activated, the bar emits a high-pitched whining sound, indicating that its 65-cm-wide, disc-shaped force field is activated. The field is located on the end of the bar opposite the switch.

The force axe is an extremely dangerous weapon because the damaging field cannot be seen without UV (ultraviolet) optics. There is a 10-cm-long light bar on one side of the haft that lights up when the field is activated. Anyone familiar with the force axe knows the light indicates that the field is on (of course, the high whine also gives it away).

Some characters who have used the weapon for years disconnect the light so as not to grant their opponents any warning.

A force axe does 5d10 damage per hit, which drains 2 SEU from the powerclip.

Notes and References Edit

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