UPFB Fortress Kdikit was a huge and well-defended Space Station. It circled the world of Kdikit, in the Madderly's Star system, until it was abandoned in FY 96 following a battle against the Sathar Navy. [1]

Task Force Cassidine had been dispatched to Kdikit with one goal: Stop the Sathar. Along with the ships that had been sent to reinforce it, Fortress Kdikit was the bastion that broke the Sathar onslaught...albeit by a narrow margin.

The Battle for Madderly's Star Edit

“News of the Sathar invasion has reached all the planets of the Frontier. The story always is the same: defeat and retreat. Soon, the major UPF planets will be in danger."

UPF ships Edit

  1. UPFS Admiral Clinton (Dreadnought/Flagship)
  2. UPFB Fortress Kdikit (Space Station, with 2-Fighter garrison)
  3. UPFS Allison May (Destroyer)
  4. UPFS Driadia (Frigate)
  5. UPFS Dauntless (Assault Scout)
  6. UPFS Razor (Assault Scout)

Sathar vessels Edit

  1. SAV Infamous (Assault Carrier/Flagship, with complement of 5 Fighters)
  2. SAV Scourge (Battle Cruiser)
  3. SAV Vicious (Destroyer)
  4. SAV Doomfist (Destroyer)
  5. SAV Pestilence (Destroyer)
  6. SAV Stinger (Frigate)

Aftermath (speculated) Edit

The Infamous and Fortress Kdikit attacked each other with fighters, all of which were ultimately shot down.

While the fortress and assault carrier exchanged battery fire and missile barrages, the Driadia and Stinger duked it out with torpedoes and laser salvos; finally, the Stinger blew her UPF counterpart out of space.

Nearby, the Allison May engaged her three Sathar counterparts - the Vicious, Doomfist, and Pestilence - in combat. Covering the Dauntless and Razor, the Allison May succeeded in vaporizing the Doomfist...only to be wiped out herself by the Vicious and Pestilence. Both assault scouts were picked off, but not before taking down the Vicious.

While Fortress Kdikit's missiles and laser barrages disintegrated the Pestilence, the Admiral Clinton went toe-to-toe with the Scourge. A horrific slug-fest ensued, but at last the dreadnought prevailed...blasting the Sathar battlecruiser, and also the Stinger, into clouds of plasma.

At flank speed, the Infamous charged Fortress Kdikit in a ramming attempt - while keeping the Admiral Clinton at bay. At the last moment, the Sathar flagship was reduced to cosmic the dreadnought and fortress bombarded her from opposite angles.

The price of victory was a heartrending one. Sathar firepower had turned Fortress Kdikit into a broken shell, necessitating its evacuation by the Admiral Clinton - which herself was listing, and barely able to maneuver, after the pummeling she had sustained.

Notes & References Edit

  1. Knight Hawks Tactical Operations Manual pp. 9
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