A Freeze Field is a device that places a body in stasis - a sort of suspended animation - and preserves it until it can be revived. The device is fastened directly to the body. Only a Medic can activate a freeze field correctly.[1]

A freeze field must be activated within two minutes (20 turns) after death, or the body cannot be revived. The process of activating the field takes five turns. The process can be interrupted as long as the field is completely activated within the two-minute time limit.

If the Medic does not pass the skill check and there is at least one minute left in the time limit, they have two options: make a second attempt to activate the field, or inject the body with Staydose. If the second attempt to activate the field fails, the body cannot be revived.

A freeze field contains enough power to operate for 200 hours. If the power runs out, the body cannot be revived. Freeze fields can be removed safely only at a hospital. A hospital charges 200 credits for this service.[2]

A freeze field costs 1,200 credits. It has a mass of 4 kg.[3]

Use in interstellar transportation Edit

Freeze field technology is also used in interstellar transportation. The equipment used is much more sophisticated than freeze fields used by Medics, which is why it can be used on still-living subjects. Travellers are effectively turned into cargo[4], requiring almost no space and no additional life support.

Storage-class freeze fields are also used in some lifeboats and escape pods. [5]

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