UPFS Z'Gata with Strike Force NOVA

Frigates are the smallest of the "full size" (that is, capital) Spacefleet vessels. They are commonly used as high-speed patrol craft by the UPF, as they are well-armed enough to handle most pirate ships and other criminal vessels.

  • Hull Points: 40
  • Acceleration/Deceleration Factor: 3 or 4
  • Maneuver Rating: 3
  • Damage Control Rating: 70
  • Weapons: laser (or xaser) assault-cannon, 4 missile batteries, laser (or xaser) battery, 2 (anti-matter) torpedoes
  • Defenses: reflective hull, 1 or 2 masking screens (or x-screens), 4 ICMs
  • Crew Members: 25 to 30

Frigates can make up to three jumps before needing an overhaul. These warships are the mainstay of the UPF fleet.

Classes of Frigates

The Z'Gata-class and Driadia-class Frigates are both old classes of light warships that predates the UPF. They are not that that powerful, nor fast compared to other frigates. The difference between both classes, is that the Z'Gata mounts two additional sets of ICMs.

The first class of Frigate built for Spacefleet has no official name (see page 7 of the UPF Tactical Operations Manual). It is similar to the Z'Gata, but featuring a racket battery and masking screen system. It is not known to how widely used this class was, as the rulebooks are ambiguous at times. It can be assumed that this is the default for unstated (no stats given) Frigates.

The newest generation of Frigates started with the Flying Cloud-class, followed by the highly popular Shimmer-class. The Flying Cloud is armed like it's predecessor, but sports stronger thrusters. With the inclusion of masking screen systems, the Shimmer-class was born. By replacing the torpedoes with an extra rocket battery and two additional ICMs, the Daring-class was born.

The Leo, Drasimian and Starhawk-class frigates are surplus UPF warships, refitted by their respective militia fleets. The Leo-class frigate is built on the frame of an old Flying Cloud (or Shimmer), but with the inclusion of a decoy missile. The Drasimian-class frigate is armed like Z'Gata, but fitted with decoys, and is fast as a conventional frigate. The Starhawk-class frigate was built on a Shimmer-class frame, but replaces the Rocket Battery for an extra Laser Battery.

The frigates used by the Sathar at one time could outperform older UPF frigates, but the Sathar have not updated their frigates, and now they are out-classed by the newer generation of UPF frigates. The Stinger — a classification coined by the people of the Frontier Sector — is the oldest known class of Sathar frigates. The Raptor-class frigate gets an extra torpedo and masking screen charge. The latest class cuts back on the masking screen down to one charge, but also add a laser battery and two extra ICMs. This unnamed class of frigate is equal in firepower to it's unnamed UPF equivalent.

Ships of the Line

Known UPF Ships (class): Known Militia Ships (class):
  • UPFS Daring
  • UPFS Driadia
  • UPFS Eagle
  • UPFS Electron
  • UPFS Flying Cloud
  • UPFS Glordarta
  • UPFS Grond
  • UPFS Proton
  • UPFS Shimmer
  • UPFS Star Shield
  • UPFS Warrior
  • UPFS Z'Gata)
  • UPFS Zivv'Zu
  • UPFS Z'Yttl (Shimmer)
  • UPFS Zz'Llikk'tt (Shimmer)
  • UPFS Zz'Nakk'T (Shimmer)
Clarion Militia Ships:
  • CMS Leo

Inner Reach Militia Ships:

  • IRMS Progressive (Shimmer)
  • IRMS Drolp*

Outer Reach Militia Ships:

  • ORMS Drasimian
  • ORMS Starhawk
  • ORMS Hammer*
  • ORMS Fury*

Minotaur Militia Ships:

  • MMS Heroic* (Shimmer)
Known Sathar Attack Vessels
(by code names and class):
Known Independent Ships (class):
  • SAV Apocalypse
  • SAV Death Dealer
  • SAV Disease
  • SAV Enslaver
  • SAV Fury
  • SAV Raider
  • SAV Raptor
  • SAV Sadistic
  • SAV Savage
  • SAV Stinger)
  • SAV Sword of Wrath
Pirate Ships:
  • Mellisian Alabar (Shimmer; Malthar ship, Dramune)

(* unofficial names from The Star Frontiersman)


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