Flying Cloud Marines in battle.[1]

The Frontier Expeditionary Force (FEF) was created by the UPF in response to Sathar raids in the White Light system.

Officially part of Strike Force NOVA, the UPF wanted a far-ranging force to supplement local system militias. Accordingly, the FEF's standing orders allow it to deploy at will throughout the most remote regions of Frontier space and into unexplored systems if Sathar activity is suspected.

FEF unit insignia[2]

The UPF can currently spare only one frigate and a pair of assault scouts for the FEF but has convinced the Clarion Royal Marines to temporarily attach the assault scout CMS Osprey to the FEF.

Overall command of the FEF falls to a young and unconventional officer, Space Commodore Karl "Rough" Reider.

Roster[edit | edit source]

  • UPFS Flying Cloud - Frigate (Commodore Reider)
  • UPFS K'Riss - Assault Scout
  • UPFS Doboru - Assault Scout
  • CMS Osprey - Assault Scout (Lieutenant Dentin)

Notes and References[edit | edit source]

  1. Borrowed from Aliens: Colonial Marines video game screencap.
  2. Based on USCM insignia from Aliens
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