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The Galactic Overall Development Company is refered to as "GODCo" by the less reverent. It is located on Hentz, which is ruled by a religious clan, the Family of One. While not an overly fanatic or expansionist religion, the one thing the Family does dictate is that that everyone who lives on Hentz or works for GODCo must wear a uniform denoting his job and social position.

GODCo's speciality is architectural engineering and terraforming. While architectural engineering is a lucrative business, it is planet-altering terraforming that has really propelled the company to mega-corp status. Since the Cassidine Development Corporation funded them and the Capellan Free Merchants underwrote the loan, GODCo is particularly indebted to them.

The science of terraforming may change the structure of the entire Frontier over the coming centuries as whole worlds may be made inhabitable. Only planets that have no intelligent life form may be terraformed.

Evan absent intelligent life, hundreds of thousands of species of flora and fauna are destroyed each time a planet is reformed leading some newly-risen cults to try and block further planet-wide destruction of life.

Headquarters: Onehome, Hentz, Araks
Chief Executive: Rev. Yeppir (Yazirian)
Subsidiaries: None

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