GTF logo on an employee patch.

"Secretaries to mercenaries, we've got a place for you!"
--GTF slogan known throughout the Frontier

Galactic Task Force, Inc. (usually known simply as Galactic or GTF) has a virtual monopoly on the business of providing non-military services for other corporations. GTF also provides military and security services, but does not have a monopoly in those areas. They provide skilled and unskilled personnel for almost every service imaginable.

Headquarters: Port Loren, Gran Quivera, Prenglar
Chief Executive: Vlad Lopex (Human)
Subsidiaries: Rent-A-Drudge, 24-Hour Escorts Inc., All-Day Medical Services, Security Forces Ltd.
Allies: PGC
Enemies: MercCo, Streel Corporation
Occasional Opposition: Various small service companies and security organizations, local militia, pirates

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