Gas-filter masks

Gas/Filter masks

A gas mask is a device fits over the face that filters out harmful atmospheric contaminants to aid and protect breathing. Gas masks are only useful where an atmosphere is present and otherwise generally breathable. Other atmospheres (or no atmosphere) require the use of either an breathing apparatus or a pressure/space suit.

Gas masks have passive mechanical filters that screen out undesirable atmospheric contaminants. More sophisticated units capable of actively taking in and "scrubbing" the atmosphere (some even augment the levels of oxygen as needed) are more properly referred to as breathing apparatuses.

A Vrusk gas mask is a harness arrangement that straps to the underside of the body. The filter is a thin sheet of plastic material that covers the nostril area.[1][2]

A Dralasite gas mask is more properly called a gas suit. It encompasses the entire body. Because the suit also partially restricts oxygen and retains heat, a dralasite may only wear the suit for limited periods of time before becoming overheated. Gas suits may be worn over other defensive suits.[3]

Cost: 30 Cr
Mass: 100 grams

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Gask mask 4

Partial-face gas mask


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