Type: Giant Aquatic Herbivore
Number: 1
Move: Slow
IM/RS: +4/35
Stamina: 200
Attack: 75
Damage: NA
Special Attack: Sudden grasping of objects on or above the surface
Special Defense: None
Native World: Starmist – Rivers and lakes


The gasp is an enormous squid with 10 60-meter long tentacles. Gasps rest and nest in shallow waters from 3-6m deep. Its body is 20 m in diameter and flat. The creature eats on greenery growing along the bottom and is usually accompanied by schools of cudda (q.v.). They are essentially harmless and will swiftly retreat if attacked.

Unfortunately, gasps are territorial and nervous. If something passes over its head, either on the surface or within 30m of the surface, a gasp will reach up with its tentacles and pull the offending item down. Even a large machine can be diverted from its course by a gasp. People, small boats, and small flying vehicles will be pulled below the surface. All so grabbed will take 3d10 impact damage. Effect on machines and boats is usually devastating. The gasp will try to drown anything that fights and will release anything that doesn't struggle.

If the war tank in this module is attacked, and if its speed is from 1-20 km/h, then the tank is diverted into the water. The blades, rotating rapidly, foul in the water and the tank is damaged. The PCs will be able to guide it to shore but will require two days to repair and straighten the blades. If its speed is greater, the tank avoids the crash into the water and no damage occurs.

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