Glider-Jet (glijet)
Manufacturer: Pan-Galactic Corporation, et al.
Cost to Own: 3,000 Cr
Rental Cost: 75 Cr plus 50 Cr/day
Propulsion Type: Jet
Top Speed: 170m/t (100kph)
Turn Speed: 50m/t (30kph)
Acceleration Speed: Boost/climb 100/50m/t
Deceleration Speed: Drops 10m/t
Powerplant: Jet fuel
Range: Two minutes of burn; 00km
Fuel Economy: 20 turns of burn; 00 SEU/km
Crew: 1
Passengers: 0
Cargo Limit: 15kg, .1 cubic meters
Armaments: none
Armor: none
Other Equipment: none

A Glijet is a combination rocketpack and hang-glider. The rocketpack is used to fly to high altitude, where the glider wings are extended. The user can glide slowly with the wings, or use the rocketpack to fly at higher speed. The chemical rocket pack weighs 2 kg and costs 50 Cr to refill.

Rule Machanics

The rocketpack is used to get the wearer up into the air. The chemical fuel tank holds enough fuel to burn for two minutes. The wearer can climb 50 meters straight up every turn he burns fuel. The rocket can be turned off at any time. When it is shut off, the wearer can open the collapsible wings and glide. The rocket usually is shut off when gliding, but it can be left on to increase speed.

Speed and Distance: If there is no wind, the wearer can glide 5 meters horizontally for each meter he drops vertically. A gliding character drops 10 meters/turn, with or without using the rocket. If the rocket is used in level flight, the speed increases to 100 kph. Characters can travel much farther and stay aloft much longer if there is wind or if they are riding on rising air currents. This is subject to the referee's discretion, but favorable winds and air currents can multiply the distance traveled and the time spent aloft by as much as 10.

Landing: A wearer that does not use the rocket to land must pass a Dexterity check in order to land on target. If he fails the check, he misses his target square by 2-20 meters in a random direction.

Tactical Movement: A character that is gliding with the rocket off can make one 45 degree turn per game turn. Using the rocket allows the character to turn up to three times at any point in his move.

Damaging Glijets: The only way to shoot down a glijet is to knockout or kill the user. Shooting at the wings has no effect.


A set of Giljet counters.

(source: Star Frontiers: Alpha Dawn Expanded Rulebook)

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