Gorlians (referred to as Gorlian Thugs) are an unspecified race or group known for being aggressive and short-tempered. The name appears in the original Alpha Dawn rules, under an example of play for Personality checks:

Dreevale the Vrusk has just insulted a Gorlian thug by accidentally spilling a drink on him. The Gorlian is very mad. Dreevale decides to try talking his way out of the situation. "Oops, pardon me, my good fellow, how absolutely clumsy of me," the player says. "Here, let me buy you a drink and let's forget about it. Dreevale' s Personality score is 40. The referee notes that the Gorlian is mad and wet and itching for a fight. He tells Dreevale to subtract 20 from his score. Dreevale rolls 91, which is greater than his modified score of 20. The Gorlian punches Dreevale.


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