Gran Quevera

Gran Quivera[1]

Gran Quivera (sometimes known as Prenglar V due to its locaton) is one of the two habitable worlds in the Prenglar system, the other is Morgaine's World.

  • Type: Terrestrial
  • Orbital Radius: 200.88 million km (1.35 AU)
  • Local Year: 375 standard days (625 local days)
  • Local Day: 15 standard hours
  • Gravity: 1.0
  • Diameter: 12,500 km
  • Habitable World Data:
    • Hydrosphere: 60% water (9.6% ice)
    • Atmosphere: 73% nitrogen, 18% oxygen, 2% carbon dioxide, trace others
    • Land Area: Six large continents, with a few dozen major islands.
    • Climate: Varied with large temperate regions
    • Trade: Heavy business and industry, especially electronics, engineering, manufacturing, and basic goods.
    • Government: Representative
    • Population: Heavy, mixed (all of the major races and many minor races; approx. 16.35 billion)

The people of Gran Quivera are very generally cosmopolitan and highly educated although they evidence a certain haughtiness at times.

Port Loren Edit

Perhaps the earliest colony founded on Gran Quivera, this sprawling city is home to the Council of Worlds, the Office of the Prime Minister, the headquarters of PGC, Galactic Task Force, Inc. and Star Law as well as many other corporations and government offices. Port Loren is often cited as "The Center of the Galaxy" although this is hardly true. The city is so vast that over one-third of the planet's population lives within it.

Notes and References Edit

  1. Created with Donjon's planet map making program
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