1024px-PEO M320 Grenade Launcher

A grenade rifle resembles a shotgun. It fires hand grenades that are fitted into special grenade bullets. Any type of grenade can be used. It can fire one shot per turn, and then must be reloaded, which also takes one turn. If a shot misses, the grenade does not scatter. Depending on what type of grenade is being used, all the usual grenade saving throws apply.

An underbarrel Grenade Launcher Attachment is available with identical statistics except weight; it adds only 3 kg to the weight of the rifle.

Grenade BulletEdit

A grenade bullet looks like a shotgun shell that screws into the base of a grenade. It is used to launch a grenade from a grenade rifle. It has no effect if fired without a grenade.

Each Grenade Bullet costs 3 Cr and has little appreciable encumbrance.

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